April 15, 2010


Hello blog reading masses … it’s been a while. But life has a tendency to get busy, and sometimes when my life gets busy, I have a hard time of coming up with ideas for blogs. But, nevertheless, I’m back from an extended absence and actually here on Anna’s blog!

So, I’ve got weddings on the brain. Not because I am getting married mind you, but because I have so many people around me getting married. I just returned from Austin, Texas at the end of March from being a bridesmaid for the wedding of two of my closest friends, and I’m in the midst of being a supportive maid of honor for two more ladies, who thankfully are waiting until summer/fall 2011 to tie the knot. All of the decisions and discussions are surrounding me. And I cannot help but get all girly and daydream about my wedding, should I ever decide that a wedding is what’s right for me. Thus, the following Emily’s Picks blog is all about MY wedding.

And in honor of transition, thanks to the launch of len&len, this blogs picks will be a cross section of etsy & bigcartel :D

Pick number one …

All things considered, I think the reason why I’d want to get married, is to have a chance to have a party with delicious food. And what’s the most delicious part of any wedding, unless there’s some horrible terrible occurrence where it is dry and flavorless (which might have been my cousin’s wedding, just saying) ... the cake! Call me old fashioned, but I love a cool cake topper. Call me ultra hip and modern, but I am so not a big fan of the traditional bride and groom up top. But this little pick from Star House is totally adorable.

I love owls, and I love trees, and while my dear forester father would have angrily yelled at me for hours if I had suggested it in his presence, I love the idea of proclaiming one's love for another by carving initials in a tree. Granted it’s not good for the tree, but that’s besides the point. Star House has some truly unique (but still traditional if that’s your thing) cake toppers. I also like the little birdies.

Up next, we’ll switch to bigcartel – and Bumbleberry’s wedding invitations. My favorite are these simple and sweet invitations that are just the kind of simple and sweet girl I am …

I love that they’re printed on recycled paper, and I love that they’re not too ornate. I hate the invitations that you have to pay three times the postage because of the size and bulk of the them. Weddings are expensive enough without those hidden added expenses. Plus Bumbleberry’s shop has lots of designs. Some of them more ornate, but none of them over the top. I also have a soft spot for the Elise design as well. The one drawback for Bumbleberry … they’re located in Australia :(
Okay, back to etsy, for what might be my new favorite wedding idea EVER thanks to Kat’s Krafts. Dear readers, I give you the program cootie catcher –

I’m absolutely in love with this idea. Please buy from Kat’s Krafts so that she’s still in business when I decide that it’s my time to walk down the aisle, I’m begging you!! I’m sure I’m not the lone girl out there with many many memories of making cootie catchers as a kid (and maybe I made some as an adult as well), and these just bring back a flood of memories. What a great way to personalize and make your wedding unique from all the rest. Plus it’ll keep your guests entertained while they’re waiting for your grand entrance, or for you to get done taking all of those pictures.

Ok – back to bigcartel – So what’s left, I’ve got the cake topper, the invitations, and the programs … maybe a tiara. No, probably not a tiara, I’m just not princessy enough, but a headband, I can totally rock a headband. Like maybe the Edith from VieModerne

I like that it’s different, and I like that it’d make me wear my hair down, which I mostly prefer. And I like that it’s peacock feathers, which for some reason always have fascinated me with their unique beauty. (case in point - one of my previous picks of Halloween masks). VieModerne also has a wide selection of other peacock hair accessories which I also very much adore. Definitely a shop worth checking out!

And for my final selection, back to etsy. I think for this wedding of mine, I need something blue. I know, how about this divine locket from MStevensonDesigns?

Why do I love this locket … aside from the fact that it’s gorgeous?? Well, it’s blue, and like peacocks, lockets have also fascinated me for years and years. I’ve always wanted a locket, and a wedding seems like a good enough reason to get one, well a theoretical wedding that is. I love the idea of a simple plain wedding dress with a big beautiful necklace to really draw the eye. And this locket will do just the trick. MStevensonDesigns has a wide variety of beautiful simple but ornate designs that just look expensive and impeccable. I think next paycheck, I might have to go shopping, wedding or not.

So there you go, a blog post of Emily’s picks. And now that I’ve got some of my wedding planned, I should probably work on finding myself a groom ;)

As a side note, I’d also like to take the time to wish congratulations to my favorite Texans, Jonathan and Ashley on their wonderful wedding last month. And congratulations to Wayne & Darlene and Kurt & Nicole for their upcoming weddings in 2011.

And don’t forget to check out the new shop – len&len at bigcartel. You won’t be disappointed, you have my personal guarantee!

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