March 23, 2010


So, with spring fever in the air, I've been having this aching sudden desire to decompress, reorganize, and simplify my life. The result? I've decided to combine all of my separate handmade ventures into one brand!

I'm a little nervous about this idea, as I know from past experience, shoppers, in particular Etsy shoppers, tend to prefer browsing through shops with related items. And being that I have a wide array of handmade products, this could be a little disconcerting. But alas, I've been struggling with maintaining three separate identities for each of my crafty ventures, and quite frankly, I REALLY need to make my life easier! So here it is, my brand new SINGULAR identity - len&len.

You can check out my brand new shop here... on big cartel.

Why big cartel? Well, if you check out my new shop, you'll see that I get to have a bit more license on the design and layout of the site. Plus, I get to join a fresh new community of awesome artists. And my favorite reason, big cartel allows discount codes during the check-out process! Nice, huh? So, in light of that, here's my first discount code...

Until April 30, enjoy 15% off your entire purchase at my new shop with discount code "OPENING15".

Oh, and don't worry, I'm not abandoning Etsy. I'll be slowly moving all my products from KUKUkachoo, apartment49, and Tweet Treat to my brand new Etsy shop, And my first 5 customers there GET A FREE GIFT with their order!

If you're wondering where I came up with the name, as my closest friends and family already know, "Len-Len" is my alter ego and childhood nickname, so lovingly given to me by my horse racing loving father. Apparently, one day long ago when I was a baby, my dad jokingly decided to call me by whichever racing horse won that day. A horse named "Jok-Jok" won. My mom hated it. So my dad started to call me "Len-Len," the horse that won second place, instead. I personally don't think that this story is actually true. But it's funny and ironic, as I always tend to fall second place in many aspects of my life. And hey, there's nothing wrong with second place, right?

I apologize to my modest fan base for being such a fickle monkey! Y'all are awesome for following me around from identity to identity. And with len&len, I will truly attempt to stick with this brand. Besides, I can't really get tired of it - it's my name.

Oh and why len "AND" len? Well, that's my little joke on the multiple personalities disorder that I clearly suffer from.

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