January 7, 2010


Ah… another year! It’s always so nice to start fresh and begin a new era of goals and plans and wishes!

I’ve got so much planned for this year… expanding lines of new creations at my Etsy shops… fulfilling a few dreams that I’ve had since I was a little girl, like learning how to hand spin my own yarn… and the goal of learning to be my real self and being content with who that person is.

I think that last one is a big toughie that will most likely take the rest of my life to figure out. Although spinning yarn is pretty hard to do too - I've already thrown my drop spindle across the living room a few times!

“Perseverance with balance” is my new motto. “Balance” meaning if it just gets to be a little too much on my plate, I promised myself that I would practice the all too important skill of learning to let go.

So I wish you all, whoever you are out there actually reading this (please feel free to comment and say hello – I feel so all alone in blog land!) a safe, healthy, and bursting year of whatever it is you dream for…

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