April 2, 2008


Oh my goodness gracious, I sold my first piece at Apartment49! A huge thank you to Anthinea, my very first customer at my new little jewelry shop! She bought a pair of Cherry Lantern Earrings for herself, so off my little creation went to its new home in Nantes, France! Oh it's so bittersweet! I'm so happy that a belle in France is sporting a pair of earrings that I made, but as I said goodbye to Anthinea's earrings, I realized that they're travelling to a country that I haven't been to myself! I'd better sell more earrings, so I can get my bum out there! Anyways, as my very first customer, Anthinea also received a free surprise gift, which was another lovely pair of sterling silver earrings! Two more free surprise gifts to go! Oh, and please pardonnez moi, but Anthinea gave me such a lovely first feedback, that I have to gloat just a little bit! Anthinea so nicely wrote, "Thank you very much, they are so graceful and original! Merci elles sont fabuleuses je les adore! Tout le monde m'en fait des compliments. Merci pour votre gentillesse et le cadeau!" Thanks again, Anthinea, for being ever so sweet!

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