February 9, 2013


 bow ties by Fox & Brie

Okay, so has anyone else noticed that all their fave bloggers have bearded hubbies?  Is this some sort of cool blogger prerequisite?  Not that I'm trying to be a cool blogger (cause it's so not cool to try to be cool, of course), but I made the mistake of telling my husband that his 3 day old stubble growth was kinda cute (in an Arrow sort of way), and now I've been cursed with nearly a 10 month run of beardedness.  I mean, I don't mean to diss you cool bloggers and your ubercool bearded hubbies, but my hubby's hairiness is more crazy lumberjack-ish than hipster cool.  Okay, I'm rambling about the beard.  Just don't mind me if I get weepy when I see one of those men's razor commercials with all those smooth faced men - ohhhhhh!

Anyways, I'm totally off topic!  This post was supposed to be all about my proclamation of love for Fox & Brie's most excellent bow ties!  Aren't they cute?  Yes they are.  And so cute, that they might even make my crazy lumberjack husband look handsome.  Yup, cause you know, bow ties and beards go together like pb & jelly.  Never thought I'd say that.  Oh goodness gracious.  Did I mention I have the flu?  That may explain my weirdness today.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the love! My husband also has an amazing beard so I would like to confirm that yes, beards & bow ties absolutely go together. PB&J only wishes it could be that suave.