January 3, 2011


Happy new year everyone!

2010 was such an amazing year for me! I launched my new shop, len&len, got featured in some of my fave blogs, learned how to spin yarn (sort of), and of course, was honored to be a front page Etsy Featured Seller! It's going to be a hard year to top, but I really hope 2011 has more happy surprises in store!

I've got a few plans for the shop this year - I worked on some new metal designs over the holidays that I plan to reveal very soon, and I also started working on a couple of new lines using different materials - I'm so excited about getting these new lines launched!

And I'm still working on last year's resolution of being content with my real self... it's probably going to take the rest of my life to really get that one down! What's your resolutions for this year???

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've had a fantastic year. :) I hope 2011 proves to be just as exciting. I love what you said about being content with your real self. That is something I'm working on myself. :)