August 31, 2009


So I decided, since I update this blog not even close to nearly often enough, that I would have to get some darn good reinforcements! Hence, I present this new blog series, appropriately titled "Emily's Picks," since it is, very simply put, Emily's picks.

Now, who the darn tootin' heck is Emily? Well, she's one of my very dearest oldest friends, that I have to say, is very easily the most dependable friend I have on this earth. Here's three things I love about Emily, since I must brag about how wonderful she is:

1. She was the first person to come up to me at my new school and introduce herself when I moved to North Carolina from Florida in 3rd grade.

2. When we were kids, she let me dapron, Boojiboo, coasters, cupcakes, raw a skull and crossbones on her arm with a permanent marker. Oh, and she also let me write "BAD TO THE BONE" underneath it too.

3. She printed out and put together 200 programs in immaculate bridezilla perfection the day before my wedding without ever complaining once.

Did I mention that I love this gal??? So enough intro, here it is, Emily's 1st round of picks!

Hello blog reading masses ...

Let me first introduce myself - I'm Emily aka friend of Anna, the owner of this blog. And I will be serving as guest blogger for a bit while Anna is SUPER RIDICULOUSLY UNCONSCIOUSLY BUSY. I'm a pretty un-crafty person, so I consistently rely on things like etsy, and craft fairs, and festivals for my homemade needs. Although to be honest, I did make a quilt once, but I don't think that counts as crafty because I did use a sewing machine, and my grandmother did help me and do the hard parts. I don't know how to knit, or crochet, or deco-pauge, or draw, or do much of anything. Although, I am a bit of a whiz at a stovetop. So at least there's that.

So what gives me the right to take over this blog of a much craftier person?? Well, she asked me to first off. Plus, I've known Miss Kukukachoo for over 20 years (which makes both of us feel a little decrepit). And really, once you've shared the salt crystals from your lunch time pretzels at the bottom of your lunchbox with someone, you're bonded for life. Which, interestingly enough, Anna and I did ... in 1987.

To start off my first slot as "guest blogger" I debated between my top 5 favorite kitchen related items on etsy (as cooking is my primary crafty-esque talent) or highlight my top 5 favorite owl related items on etsy (as that is my power animal, and my most frequent collectible). And then I said, Emily, you'll write another blog sooner or later, owls can wait.

So, my top 5 crafty kitchen items on etsy ... in no particular order of course.

Hot Cowboy Potholders courtesy of Originals by Lauren

How could you really go wrong with a hot man on a pot holder? I mean really, eye candy and heat protection in one; it's really a nearly perfect product. Now if only they came with a hot cowboy sous chef ...

Also available with Originals by Lauren - Hot Firemen Potholders, Hot Camper Potholders, and Under Construction Potholders. Lauren also has a fine selection of other non-sexual harassment potholders as well. But there isn't any fun in those is there??
There are countless adorable aprons in Boojiboo’s store, but this one is my favorite, perhaps because it incorporates two of my favorite things – the color blue and cupcakes. Super cute cut on anyone who might be cooking, or just pretending to be Donna Reed while dusting and vacuuming around the house (or maybe I’m the only one who does that?). My close second favorite is the Vintage Inspired Black Tattoo Full Apron. Cause well, I like tattoos.

Hand Blown Glass Bowl courtesy of Providence Art Glass

Now granted, this item is a bit pricey and it falls under the category of “too scared to ever use it cause what if it broke,” but it’s also lovely and just a touch psychedelic. Very recently, I was introduced to the art of glass blowing thanks to an awesome 30th birthday present from my equally awesome friend Darlene. I made an eggplant. But I had a lot of help from two talented (and super dreamy) professional glass blowers. Thus, I am an expert in all things glass blowing and can appreciate the artistry in such things. ;-) Or something … in any event, I think this piece is lovely, and I only wish I was the type of person to spend this much money on myself for absolutely no reason. Or that I was talented enough myself to make one just like it.

Owl Ceramic Tile Coasters courtesy of little coaster gnome

I tried really hard to not overlap the owls and the kitchen, really I did, but I couldn’t resist these guys. Although truthfully, there’s lots of awesome playful designs from littlecoastergnome, and I could have picked any of them, but I love owls, so it was bound to happen this way. You can never go wrong when it comes to liquid protection on your tables, and little coaster gnome has a selection that could make almost anyone happy, and would match in almost any situation. Plus, littlecoastergnome makes an excellent point that a set of coasters is the perfect hostess gift, which can always be a difficult thing to come up with at a moment’s notice.

Peacock Stemless Glasses courtesy of Mary Wibis

Now I’m really more of a beer drinker than a wine drinker, but these hand painted glasses by marywibis are simply beautiful. And I have a thing for the stemless glassware that is all the rage these days. There are tons of designs available with marywibis, including some lovely fall inspired designs, and some cardinals that offer just enough of a splash of color to make them dynamic. If I had my druthers, and more than one bottle of wine in my house at any given time, I’d pick these up in a heartbeat. Although that being said, I could just as easily serve ice water in these lovely glasses at a dinner party rather than wine. Maybe I will pick these guys up … decisions decisions.

That’s it from this end for now. Stay tuned for future guest blogs featuring owls, and perhaps some outside of etsy craftiness. You really just never know ...


Originals by Lauren said...

thanks so much for featuring my cowboy potholders. All you choices are great!

Mary Elizabeth Hining said...

What a wonderful surprise to stubble upon your beautiful blog and see my very own Peacock glasses! I'm thrilled that you like them--makes my day. :-)