February 13, 2008


Ah yes, shove a bum folks, I have finally joined the blog-bandwagon! And now that I've taken a seat on this ride, what the tootin' holler am I going to blog about? Well, let's see here, I could very easily go on and on about myself...and bore everyone to death. I could advertise my Etsy shops like mad, hoping readers find my crafts worthy of the little extra cash in their wallets. Or I could complain about how the cashier at the supermarket treated me like %&*# today because I didn't feel like putting on any make-up and I looked like I woke up in a dumpster. Maybe a little bit of all of the above. Well, I really don't know why I'm doing this. I'm quite a introverted and very private person. All I really want is for you to click on the links at the top left to my webstores and BUY SOMETHING gosh darnit! And if I have to write about my deepest darkest hopes and dreams and thoughts and wishes and anything else that I will probably regret posting on the world wide web just to get your attention, then to heck with it, i'll do it! Oh the drama, just to get you to buy a pair of (really nice) earrings! Oh and hey, while you're at it, you might want to consider getting a matching necklace too...

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